DHAKA: The Bangladesh police and security forces ruled out the possibility of militants penetration among Rohingya Muslim refugees .Police Chief of Bangladesh ruled out any such possibility which apprehended that militants and radical elements and terrorist group may try to enter and mix into the vulnerable population of Rohingya Muslim refugees sheltered in various camps in Bangladesh .

A K M Shahid ul Haque, the Bangladesh police chief said ,”Our agents and intelligence officers are alert on the ground and they are keeping vigil .We took every precaution so that extremist and militants cannot penetrate

amongst the refugees .”


He also said the police have made elaborate arrangement at every possible juncture to keep watch over undesirable elements .He said that even the militants cannot penetrate as refugee aid volunteers as the security checks are elaborate.

The police sources said that all the aid material as well as aid workers allowed into the country are frisked. The police and intelligence agencies have spread wide net among the local Bangladesh community as well as Rohingya Muslim community who are given shelter. They have been asked to be alert from the mischievous elements .

The Bangladesh police chief said that their security personals are alert and they will not allow any attempt to provoke militancy among Rohingya Muslim refugees .The police chief Shahid ul Haq  also said, “ The Bangladesh  will not allow its soil to be used as a breeding ground for any kind of militancy .”

He expressed confidence in officers and men of Bangladesh police , intelligence and security forces .” Considering our vast preventive and security measures I do not think that it will be possible for anyone to propagate ill motivated militancy amongst  Rohingya  Muslim refugees ,” Bangladesh police chief Shahid ul haq said .

The Bangladesh police as a precautionary measure , announced curb on the movements of Rohingya Muslim refugees .They have been instructe not to fan out in the country .Such measures are taken up as law and order precaution .Bangladesh will celebrate Durga Puja , as well as Moharrum festivals , soon .Security has been tightened all over the country for peaceful observance of both these festivals .



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