DHAKA: Bangladesh has asked Myanmar to take back lakhs of Rohingya Muslim refugees as they are citizens of Myanmar .This message was conveyed to the neighboring country by Bangla PM Shaikh Haseena when she toured the refugee camps today.


She also called upon the international community to put pressure on Mynmar to take back Rohingya Muslims who have been forced to flee from their homeland.

Bangladesh PM also said that Myanmar will have to take back all its nationals .They must provide them a safe place in their home land to live peacefully.

She admitted that the situation in Myanmar is still worse .She said, “Still the fire is burning there. People cannot find out their family members. The dead bodies of women and children are still flowing in the Naf river .These facts are totally against humanity and are the serious human rights violations.

Bangladesh lodged strong protest to the Myanmar government over the serious violations of human rights and atrocities committed by the security forces of neighboring countries against unarmed, helpless and defenseless Rohingya Muslims.

“What crime innocent children and women and old people did as they have been killed, maimed, tortured and forced to flee ? “ asked Bangladesh PM while touring the refugee camps .She  commented that her government will not tolerate these atrocities and violations of human rights .

She explained that although Bangladesh wants to maintain good relations with the neighboring countries but she also clarified that her government cannot unjust acts Myanmar government is committing against their own people belonging to Rohingya Muslim Minority community.

PM of Bangladesh Shaikh Haseena visited a registered Rohingya Muslim refugee camp at Kutupalong bazar, Cox’s bazar, in Ukhia .She also distributedrelief material amongst the refugees.

The Bangladesh government has condemned the violence committed by the neighbor country’s army against ethnic minority community.Bangladesh government is trying to build up international pressure against Myanmar government to take back lakhs of Rohingya Muslims , whom the Burmese politician and rulers say that they are Bengalis and not Burmese .




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