NOIDA : police has issued ban order on few Muslims who were offering Namaz in  Park but such ban order in the name of law has triggered a debate in social media that why not all religious activities at all public places including trains , railway stations , police stations , government offices are being banned ?

According to reports , Noida Police issued a notice asking companies to ensure that no religious activities are carried out in a park in sector 58 , by their employees including Friday Namaz .Notice warned that action will be taken against them also if their employees are found offering Namaz in the park .

This news sparked debate on social media and UP police as well as government has once again came under the sharp criticism for singling out a particular community for legal action.

SSP Noida ,Ajay Pal said that said that few  persons asked for the permission to offer Namaz in Park .But they were not given any permission .But they began religious activities without obtaining any permission .He said that all companies around the park have  been intimated to ensure their employees do not offer religious prayers in the park .Although such ban has been directed against Namaz being offered in Park no 58 by few Muslims , the SSP clarified that this instruction is not any religion specific .

Many Muslims asked on social media that even police stations are also public places, but these police stations have religious pictures and idols placed inside .Religious activities are performed by policemen at police stations daily .So why no instructions have been issued banning all religious practices at police stations and removal of religious pictures? It is said that such  orders are  polarising the community and bringing  bad name to the police force  as being biased against Muslims .There are many who are praising Police for banning Namaz in a public park .Those for and against such  order are  debating the issue hotly on social media .




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