BAL THACKREY FILM :Why Amitabh Bachan Was Not Selected ?

MUMBAI : Super Star Amitabh Bachan’s name was also considered for playing main role in the film “TAHCKREY” along with many big film stars , but Nawazuddin Siddiqi was finally selected to portray the role of Shiv Sena chief .

This was revealed by Sanjay Raut MP , who is said to be main brain behind this film .He also said that when poster of this film was launched , Amitabh Bachan  expressed that he is ready to play the role of Bala Saheb in the film .

But , later on , Nawazuddin Siddiqi was considered to play the central character of the fim .It may be said that Bal Thackrey and  Amitabh Bachan were close friends .

Sanjay Raut MP also said that he wanted big film producers to produce biographical film on Shiv Sena founder .He talked to many producers but materialized .Then he decided to make himself this film which is going to be released on January 25 , 2019 .

Some sources say that this film ,”THACKREY” is actually an election propaganda strategy of Shiv Sena .Amitabh Bachan has cordial relations with  both Shiv Sena and BJP .

Therefore, although he may have been approached for playing the role , and he might have agreed orally , but it may  not  have been felt wise for him to enact in this film .

It could have soured his relations with BJP leaders , it is speculated .He must have been reluctant to play the role , experts opined .Not only Amitabh , but  also , any other Big Film star could not afford to anger BJP leaders by playing any such film project , it is said .Therefore , Nawazuddin Siddiqi was a probable choice for  playing title role in this film , it is said .




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