Why These Babas Keeps Private Army And Illegal Imported Arms ?

Haryana Police seized huge cache of illegal and imported arms from the Dera headquarter , raisng many questions.

ROHTAK : Why these Babas who enjoy political patronage , keep private armies and large number of illegal imported arms ? This question can be asked as large number of illegal arms have been seized from Dera headquarter .

While Madarsas are usually defamed as  terrorists dens , facts after the Dera  raids  also revealed that the Ashrams of Babas  are storing  huge cache of lethal and imported fire arms , and these Babas also keep private trained armies , which consists of retired armed forces personnel as well as privately trained youths .

Sirsa: Followers of Ram Rahim gather following court verdict in the rape trial of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, in Sirsa on Friday. PTI Photo by Vijay Verma (PTI8_25_2017_000138B)

A big question is that while intelligence agencies keep close eyes over Masjids and Madarsas  , how they close their eyes from Ashrams where large number of imported and banned arms find place in the hands of thousands of  followers of Babas , some of who even float private militias .

According to latest report ,Haryana police has recovered a huge cache of uktra modern arms and ammunition from the headquarter of Dera  Sacha Sauda  in Sirsa.The police claimed that seized arms included 9 mm pistols , modified carbines , and several single , double barrel rifles .

Police officers said that there is possibility of seizure of more weapons. According to a report , a relative of  Baba ram Rahim , while commenting over the seizure of arms from the Ashram said ,”All followers in Dera posses such weapons .Even the female  followers also carry weapons .There are around 14000 to 20000  Green Force commandoes , of Baba Ram Rahim who posses modern weapons and they are given special training to use these weapons .

The big question is , why police did not take action , all these years , and why  Baba’s private army with large number of imported weapons , banned for public use , were allowed , was allowed to operate for so long , without any challenge ?

A report in Daily Mail in November 2014, revealed that like Baba Ram pal, Dera  chief  Baba Ram Rahim had private army to protect him and his Ashram.

The Daily Mail report also claimed that this militia of Dera chief includes serving and retired army personals who train youngsters in military and commando tactics. This report was published after BJP came to power in Delhi , and Dera chief , first time , supported BJP openly .But nobody cared about such reports  then.



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