An Auto rickshaw Driver’s Obedient Son,Cricketer Mohammed Siraj

HYDERABAD: An auto rickshaw driver’s son garnered national attention when he was selected for a huge price in IPL auction.

His family lived in a rented flat in Banjara Hills .His father Mohammed Ghaus  was an auto rickshaw driver by profession .

He was the sole bread earner of the family but the fortunes of this family changed with the rise of Mohammed Siraj as a cricketer of national repute.

His father Mohammed Ghaus drove auto rickshaw for 30 years but after selected for IPL , the  famous son told his father to stop his struggle as an auto rickshaw driver .

For Mohammed Siraj , it had dream, come true , when he was bout by an IPL team for the price worth Crores .The price tag he earned in the bid was beyond his imagination .

He loves his parents very much , so as he got money from IPL , he purchased new house for the family and asked his father to stop plying Auto rickshaw , and to take rest , as he took the responsibility to be the bread earner for his family .

Mohammed Siraj did not want to be a fast bowler initially .He initially began his struggle as a batsman to carve a place for him .He occasionally did bowling.

In his formative days , he also played cricket with tennis ball .He acquired a lot of knowledge by playing tennis cricket .His friends who a great cricketer in him , advised him to turn to the professional cricket .

His tennis ball experience came to his help when he played professional cricket for Charminar Cricket Club .



The Hyderabad Wonder Boy Mohammed Siraj came into limelight in 2017, when he  became the center point of bid between various IPL teams .

He was put to bid with Rs.20 lakhs as base price. But the Sunrise Hyderabad won the bid and got him in their side .

The price the Sunrise Hyderabad paid for a new boy made him a new cricket and IPL star.

He was bought for staggering Rs. 2.6 Crores .The bidding war for getting Mohammed Siraj made him attention of media and selectors of IndiaT20 teams also as he got a price 13 times more than the base price .



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