AURANGABAD RIOTS : Accused Lacchu Pahelwan Arrested

IS BUILDER LOBBY BEHIND AURANGABAD RIOTS ?Small traders , shop keepers , hawkers are being harassed for last so many months .Who wants that  they are evicted  to make way for huge  benefit of developers and builders ?

AURANGABAD : SIT of Aurangabad police arrested Lacchu Pahelwan who is being alleged as the mastermind  of  Aurangabad riots by many political leaders .Laxmi Narain Bakharia @ Lachhu Pahelwan   is a businessman who had many criminal records against him in the past .His  daughter  is an independent Municipal Councilor from Raja Bazar area but she joined Shiv Sena recently .He is being dreaded in Juna Bazar area from his earliest days of career .After the arrests of Shiv Sena  Corporator  janjal and MIM Corporator Feroz Khan , this is presumed to be a big arrest .SIT alleged that he instigated a group of youth and led them in arson and rioting .He has been booked in the arson  case of Mansab dar General Stores .

Laxmi Narain Vakharia @ Lachhu Pahelwan  , a resident of Dhawni Mohalla  , is  a social worker and businessman .He runs akhada and imparts  wrestling training therefore he is usually known as Lachhu Pahelwan .For the last one month he has been in  regular fight and clashes with hawkers in Juna Bazar area , which  is presumed as the main reason of communal tension .It also disturbed the peace  of the city .His supporters were assaulting many hawkers for the past one month , who belonged to the minority community , it is alleged .

According to reports , his supporters  assaulted many Muslim hawkers in the Shah Ganj area regularly .Such assaults and attack on the Muslim hawkers were triggering communal tension  in the area but police did not atke preventive action despite repeated complaints .It is said that justa fortnight ago , workers of Lachhu Pahelwan attacked a fruit shop of one trader Shaikh Irfan .They also destroyed many  hand carts selling fruits in the area .

It is alleged that Lachhu Pahelwan also exerted pressure on the Municipal authorities who demolished extended shops of all Muslim shop keepers in the Shah Gunj Chappal Market .Harassed shop owners have filed a case in Bombay High Court and they got relief .

It is alleged that there may be a builder lobby which is behind the harassment of shop keepers and hawkers of Shah Gunj Market .This lobby wants to evict all the traders and small hawkers, majority whom are Muslims .The sources said that as a petition in Bombay High Court has failed the high handed manner to evict traders and hawkers , communal riots had been triggered .More than 70 shops and 67 vehicles were burnt during this riots which indicates that these riots were preplanned .The traders , shop keepers and hawkers alleged that  they suspect the hand of Builder mafia who is eyeing prime lands  and properties in the area .They want to make huge profits by destroying small traders and hawkers , majority of whom are Muslims .Therefore it is suspected that  greedy builder Lobby may be behind such riots .This allegation must also be probed by SIT .



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