AURANGABAD : The  three day state Tablighee Ijtema received huge response as lakh pf people reached  on Friday only Valunj , Limbe Jalgaon  where Ijtema was to begin on Saturday .There was huge crowd which offered Namaz E Jumma , the Friday prayers .

The Pandals which have been erected to accommodate three day stay of participants were felt  not enough to accommodate the crowd gathered to offer Jumma Prayers .

Amir al Hind of Tablighi jamat Maulana Maulana Mohammed Sa’ad led the Friday prayers yesterday .He also gave Friday sermon .The participants and those who reached the place a day before offered Asr , Maghrib , Isha prayers and they were addressed by Ulemas after each prayer .

Ulema told the gathering that Almighty has bestowed upon us  , the Muslim Ummah  , responsibility to spread Dawat E Deen to the whole of humanity.

Allah SWT sent Prophets for this  noble purpose earlier .Our beloved last Prophet (PBUH)  gave this universal Dawat to all humans .As after Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) no other Prophet will be send , it is  duty of Ummat E Mohammedi to spread and preach this Dawat to whole of the mankind .

Ulema also said that Allah SWT has declared the followers of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as Khair e Ummat in Surah Imran .And this best Ummah has been created for the welfare of humanity .So we must be those who must invite to the welfare and stop from evil.

Different Ulema delivered sermons in different sessions .They said that those who will follow the teachings of Allah SWT and Prophet (PBUH) only be called as successful .Ulema gave examples from the lives of Sahaba RA  , the companions of Prophet ( PBUH) to carry their message .

They said that many teams will be formed during this Ijtema and these teams will proceed to many parts of the country and the world to preach Dawat e Deen and carry forward the Message of Allah SWT and Prophet (PBUH) to humanity.




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