GAUHATY : He is called as Perfume Mughal .His brand Ajmal is famous all over the world .He is Maulana Badruddin Ajmal , a  powerful politician and President of AIUDF .He entered into politics by floating his own party in 2006. He was then , main rival of Congress .But now , he has become an important ally of the Congress , a threat to BJP , therefore BJP is primarily targeting him to spread hatred and create communal divide in Assam to get political benefit .

AIUDF  under Maulana Ajmal contested many elections since 2006.It bagged 10 seats in state assembly in 2006 .

In 2011 its tally rose to 18 .

But in 2016 , the number of MLAs slipped to 13 in the house of 126 members .

He has been elected as MP thrice .

His family runs many educational institutions as well as a big perfume business , essentially a farm to fragrance  business spread all over Gulf .Ajmal Perfumes is a UAE based company which has 270 retail show rooms in Middle East .The Ajmal Brand perfume is exported to 42 countries of the world .The company has their own farms in Assam , agar wood trees , plantations ,Oudh processing facilities .

He is also a respectable Islamic scholar who graduated from Deoband .He hails from Hojai , Assam .

BJP began a big anti Ajmal campaign , therefore, he is being called as King Maker is Assam , although Congress is a major party in anti BJP alliance .

BJP is creating communal hatred through fake propaganda .BJP  is branding him as the supporter of Bangladeshi intruders .He is been accused of communal politics while BJP has been resorting to Hindu extremism .Maulana Badruddin Ajmal  said that he enjoys the sympathy of 35 % of voters of Assam who are their staunch supporters .
Those 35 % supporters of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal are real threat to BJP’s political game to win Assam , therefore , according to AIUDF sources BJP is campaigning against Maulana Ajmal  .Therefore , in Assam , Maulana Ajmal  has become main focus of state politics.






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