Why They Were Arrested For Hoisting Tricolor At RSS Premises?

NAGPUR : While Congress leader asked RSS leaders , why national flag was not hoisted for 52 years at RSS headquarters , those Sanghis , who are trying to raise questions on the patriotism of Indian Muslims and Madarsas  by raking Vande Mataram controversy must also explain why 3 volunteers  of Nagpur were stopped and  got arrested by RSS leaders , for trying to hoist national  flag , in RSS premises questions .

If some RSS member or Sangh pariwar member asks Muslims to [prove their patriotism, he must be asked about case number 176 / of 2001 – of Nagpur , said a supporter of Kanhaiya Kumar .

According to the details of this case , three activists , Baba Mendhe , Ramesh Kalambe , Dilip Chatwani , along with others allegedly entered into RSS headquarter in Reshim  Baugh , on January 26 , 2001 .

They hoisted the national tri color flag and raised patriotic slogans .In charge of the RSS premises Sunil Kathle tried to stop these volunteers, in vain from entering the RSS premises and hoisting the national flag

.Those youth entered the RSS premises saying that they wanted to pay tributes to RSS founder Dr. Hedgewar , but after entering in , they tried to hoist tricolor  national flag there .

Those youths did it because RSS did not hoist national flag in their premises on any national occasion. Those volunteers were arrested for hoisting national flag in RSS premises .Why it was a crime , to hoist national flag in RSS headquarter in Reshim Baugh , Nagpur ?

Offences under various sections of IPC and Bombay Police Act  were slapped against them .Uttam Mendhe had rented a car to carry his friends to RSS headquarter , to hoist the national flag .As they tried to hoist flag , they were resisted by RSS workers present there , and help was sought from Kotwali Police Station , Nagpur. All of them were arrested .The case went to the court .After 8 months of trial, all 3 accused were acquitted by the court .

It is surprising that in the same RSS headquarter, where those 3 persons were arrested for hoisting Indian national flag, RSS chief for the first time in 52 years ,hoisted national tri-color flag , on August 15 , 2014.The national flag was hoisted on August 15 , 1947 , and on January 26 , 1950 , at the RSS headquarters , in Nagpur .But this practice was abandoned later , for 52 years .



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