Brahmins are foreigners due to new world research

Science claims that Brahmins are violent, wild, hypocrites!- Prof. Vilas Kharat’s shocking revelations

Bhima – Koregaon –

Bharat Mukti Morcha organized a state level greeting meeting on the occasion of 202th year of Bhima-Koregaon. On this occasion Prof. Vilas Kharat has made shocking revelations about his new DNA-based book. Brahmins have been proven foreigners by DNA research. Rakhigadi DNA Report Cell published in the journal in the first week of September. But at the same time another 117 DNA researchers global report was published in the journal ‘The Science’. Both of those reports have proved that Brahmins are foreigners.

Just the Dr. The Brahmins took two brokers of Vasant Shinde and Niraj Rai in their hands and made false propaganda that the DNA of Brahmins were found in the traps found at Rakhigadi. Vasant Shinde also sent legal notice to him for false propaganda. But they didn’t disclose it. So they will be dragged to court now, also Prof. Kharat said. The period of Sangade found at Rakhigadi is 2700 Means today’s period is 4 thousand 700 years ago.

117 scientists like ‘The Genomic Formation of South and Central Asia’ claim that the Brahmins are from the origin of Eurasia province and from there they came to India in 2 thousand BC. This means according to today’s period, the attack of Brahmins on India happened 4 thousand years ago. DNA of Rakhigadi is not matching with Brahmins. Because they did not come to India at that time. Even though both DNA reports are telling this matter, Vasant Shinde and Niraj Rai are alleging that RSS has said that they are indigenous to the Brahmins, Prof. Kharat did it.

The DNA report has revealed that Brahmins are foreigners. He attacked India from 2000 to 1700 BC. Wheeler excavated the Indus civilization and they found a large amount of rumors there. The Sangada was found with a wound that was attacked by a sword. In his research, the great ancient civilization of Indus civilization was attacked and destroyed by foreign invader Brahmins and its documents are also seen in Rigveda.

Now it has been newly proved by DNA science that Brahmins are foreigners and they attacked Indus civilization and occupied India. Pvt. Kharat has also revealed that the Brahmins belonged to the Yamaniya species of Eurasia and fled in two parts in 3300 BC. One towards India and the other towards Europe. As soon as he entered Europe, he attacked an ancient civilization called Stone Henge, slaughtered the men there and used their wives for breeding.

There was a lot of change in the burial method of Yamaniya men and women found there. That’s because the women weren’t from the Yemenias, they had a different way. DNA research finds different DNA of men and women. The Yamenia people destroyed it and a new generation called ‘Corded Wear’ was formed and now there is a descendant named Bell Biker. They couldn’t do the same process in India as the ancestors of Brahmins did violence and destroyed their culture.

The invasive foreign Yamnia people saw great civilization in India. They killed some men. They couldn’t kill them all. They forced to use some women. But the incident that they could do in the euro could not do in India. But they created a racism and timely system to dominate the minority Yamnia Brahmins in India in the future.

Pvt. Kharat denied all the lies said by sponsored broker Shinde and Rai in his speech. Brahmins are indiscriminately foreigners. Brahmins proven foreign by DNA do not have the moral right to rule the Indian people and live in the country, he also said.

On this occasion, the war that took place in Bhima-Koregaon in 1818 was a spark of the freedom of the native Bahujans. With inspiration from this itself, Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar started a movement for freedom of native Bahujans. Marathas are Nagvanshi. Also, the untouchable Mahar-Mang are also Nagvanshi. Their clans are same among themselves.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has clearly said that even Maratha people used to say Johar in greetings before Peshwai came. But after the arrival of Peshwai, Maratha’s Johar system was stopped and Peshwa forced them to say Ram Ram. This is the indecency of the word warrior. Marathas and Mahar are genetically Nagvanshi. Even the palace accepts this matter. He gave many history documents on this occasion. Anand Teltumbde compromised with RSS and took a bad news about the wrong article in ‘The Wire’ about the Bhima-Koregaon war. We are the heirs of these 500 brave soldiers who fought the war of Bhima-Koregaon, he also said on this occasion.




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