NEW DELHI: The Heera Islamic business group’s chief Alima Nau Heera Shaikh launched a political party of Women and she announced that her party MEP (Mahila Empowerment Party ) will contest  Karnataka assembly elections which will be held next year .

Many Muslim political circles expressed surpirise over the Heera group Chief Alima Nau Heera’s decision to launch a political party and contest the Karnataka atae elections next year.

Dr. Alima Nau Hira Shaikh addressed a press conference in Delhi’s lalit Hotel .She  was asked that she may be accused of dividing the Muslim votes to benefit BJP in Karnataka state elections , she replied that she entered the politics with a lot of discussion and she may not be disturbed by any allegation .She also stated that the allegation against her to divide Muslim votes is wrong.

She  said that of there is one running hotel , so it will not be a crime to open another .If there is a shop at one place , nobody can stop new persons from opening new shops .

She said that it will be up to the people who will decide to whom they want to give votes.Will there be a competition of her party with MIM and Owaisis , she said that MIM or Owaisis are not her rivals .

“They are running their party for the people a particular religion but we launched the party to get justice for Indian women of all religions. This will be a biggest platform of Indian women,”she replied .



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  1. Please do not do this, we are already broken and lack unity. So, please discard your idea to fight election, it will do nothing else but help Bhagva Brigade to become more powerful.

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