Akshay Kumar Shared A Heart-Warming Video Of His Sister, Revealed The True Meaning Behind Raksha Bandhan

If there’s one actor in Bollywood who has constantly strived for women empowerment, it’s Akshay Kumar. Empowering women is one thing, but doing it the right way is other. And no one knows it better than Akki does.

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, he chose to celebrate it a little hatke by giving a message that’ll leave its place forever in a girl’s heart through his sister’s video.

And by doing that, Akshay probably made his stand on how the meaning of the festival needs to change.

“I used to get angry on Raju. He was elder to me, he had some responsibility. Whenever I would ask my parents to send me to a party or outing with friends, they would say ‘take Raju along.’ But he would never come. All he would ever say, ‘Take care of your own safety.’ So, I could never go to a single party,” his sister Alka Bhatia says in the video.

When their father passed away, she recalls not even remembering when Akshay took his place.

“I realized the value of his words when I sent my daughter to study abroad. When she asked me if “Will you manage everything alone,,’ I replied, like Raju, ‘Everything will be fine, just take care of your own safety’. This has been the greatest gift my brother has given to me and my daughter – The strength to be self-sufficient. Thank you, Raju. I love you,” she added. The video ended with the message: “This Raksha Bandhan, do not protect your sister. Empower her.”

For those wondering, Akshay Kumar was born as Rajiv Bhatia but had later changed his name. Hence, his sister still referring to him as Raju in the video.



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