Why Actor Prakash Raj Is Throwing Challenge To Hindutva Forces ?

CHENNAI : Among the artistes who are challenging the Hindutva extremists actor Prakash Raj is on the fore front who believes that if such communal ideology is not  challenged today ,it will pose greater threats to the coming generations of artistes .

He revealed that he has been threatened by those who are hurt by his voice .But he laughed and made fun of these threats.

”They want to silence me but I started singing .Ehen you silence a voice , a louder voice will be born,” he said to his opponents .

He said that efforts are being made to stifle his voice and discourage the next generations of artistes from thinking freely .

He appealed to the artistes of the nation to be fearless and outspoken .He believes that artistes must become the voice of voiceless people .He urged them to speak against injustice.

The 52 year old actor who played the role of a villain in a super hit Hindi film “Singham “ and created an image of a corrupt and violent politician on screen successfully .

But in real life he is doing the job of a real life hero who is challenging the Hindutva forces and Hindutva extremists openly.

He has regularly been fighting the communal forces of the country through his social media messages and thus he has developed lakhs of his followers who are supporting him in his fight against injustice and communalism.

“I talk and raise my voice because I don’t belong to any political party .I raise my voice as an artiste .I feel that it is my responsibility to speak .We the film fraternity , artistes of the society are what we are , not because of our talents .But the society and their love made us what we are ,” said Prakash  Raj at the opening ceremony of International Film Festival Of Kerala where he was invited as a Chief Guest.

He warned that if artistes , creative persons and intellectuals become cowards , then the society will also react  cowardly .




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