There’s something about how the vibes that flow in during the Month of Ramadan. Everything so poised, serene and soothing. Celebrating Eid,I believe, is a blessing in its own.

With all the love and brotherhood we share, the delicious food we eat, the memories we make, there’s somewhere a thin line between it being celebrated as a kid than as a grownup.

Life as a child seems to be so much better. Lesser responsibilities, lesser things to worry about; basically the opposite version of being an adult. So this Eid, we thought of highlighting the little joys of celebrating as a child and give you a little flashback of the past.

1.Getting Eidi from all your relatives.

Getting eidi

The joy of Eidi seems to fade away once the adulthood kicks in, as you start to earn. Whereas in childhood, you had no place in the wallet to keep the excess money, now you have to check twice if there’s enough for everyone in the house.

 2.Receiving gifts without giving anything in return

Recieving Gifts

What joy it is to receive gifts without having the thought to give something in return. Being a child, this was one of the best things about Eid.


 3.Running flashing across new clothes

Flashing new Clothes

Who doesn’t love new clothes? Especially as a child, the immense joy of running across showing-off your new pair of clothes on Eid was incomparable.


 4.Shopping lots of firecrackers for the day

Fire Crackers

Eid was never complete without a bag full of firecrackers. Convincing Abbu to buy to you a little more because it’s never just enough.

 5.Family gatherings meant the world

Family Gatherings

If there’s one thing us as kids would desperately wait for, it’s the family gatherings. After all, what is Eid without having a bunch of cousins over to celebrate?

 6.Jaadu ki Jhappi for everyone

Jadoo ki jHappi

Eid and jaadukijhappis go hand in hand. Remember as a kid when you used to run around hugging “Eid-mubarak” to every person that crosses your way?

 7.Eating whatever and how much ever without being judged


Eid during childhood was no less than a massive feast. And what’s the best part? Hogging onto everything without being judged or disciplined.







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