Miswak Benefits

7 Great Miswak Benefits – The Natural Toothbrush

We have been using a plastic toothbrush all our lives. But have you tried the alternative option. Who knows it might turn out to be better solution to our tooth problems. Miswak the natural tooth brush has been used extensively for centuries in India and in other countries. Here are the seven miswak benefits,

1) Prevents Tooth Decay –

Tooth Decay Miswak
Miswak prevents Tooth Decay

Brushing your teeth with this twig kills all bacteria formation thus saving your teeth from plague formation and gingivitis. Miswak contains anti-biotic properties which prevents the growth of bacteria.

2) Gums strength –

Gums are strengthened when Miswak is used
Gums are strengthened when Miswak is used

It not only cleanses your teeth but also helps in strengthening gums.

3) Nutrition value –

Miswak gives Nutriotion to Teeths
Miswak gives Nutriotion to Teeths

Miswak contains nutrients like fluorine, silicon, vitamin c, salvadorine and trimethylamine.

4) Tooth whitening –

Miswak enhances Teeth Whitening
Miswak enhances Teeth Whitening


People who use Miswak never complains of bad breath and stained teeth. Regular usage cleans all the harsh stains of tobacco, tea and coffee thus whitening your teeth.

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5) Makes tooth enamel strong –

Miswak makes tooth enamel strong
Miswak makes tooth enamel strong

The twig contains potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxide. These minerals help in strengthening the tooth enamel.

6) Prevents Tooth Ache –

Miswak prevents tooth ache
Miswak prevents tooth ache

It gives you relief from tooth ache as the natural brush kills all the dirt and germs.

7) Anti-Cariogenic –


Cleaning with this natural brush have a cariogenic effect on teeth.

So it’s not surprising that previous civilization used it extensively. According to Islamic literature miswak has around 70 benifits . Indian civilization has been using it from last thousands of years. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all have records dating back to centuries.



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