While it’s difficult to imagine a modern world without divorces, some countries are very sincere when it comes to keeping divorce out of the picture.

Here, let’s take a look at all those country laws who find it weirdly strange to be divorced.

1. United States of America 

Live-in Relationship

US claims that the larger number of divorces there in are reported when couples start “living-in” together before marriage.

2. Philippines


In general, divorce is considered to be illegal in Philippines. According to the Philippine law, the only option available is annulment or legal separation.  One hell of a lengthy process !!

3. Malta


Malta is another such country where divorce is prohibited. The country is 98% catholic.

Need we say any more? 

4. Japan

japan divorce

Most of the divorces in Japan are as straightforward as the people of the country.

The couple just has to sign, seal and file a one page form and BAMMM! They’re divorced.

5. Japan Again!

japanese woman

As easy as it sounds, there’s an odd aspect to it too. The Japanese law states that women have to wait around for six months after a divorce before they can remarry, whilst men, have no restrictions at all.

 Such Sexism. Much wow. 

6. Saudi Arabia

saudi women

On the other hand, women in Saudi Arabia have all their rights to filing divorce if their husbands fail to satisfy their caffeine fix by getting them fresh coffee every day.

 Looks like women there have their priorities set pretty straight. 

7. Samoa

samoa women

Forget me, it’s fine. Forget my Birthday? I’m sending you the divorce papers right away.

Well you heard that right. Samoa, has a genuine law since centuries that LITERALLY gives a wife the power to divorce her husband if he forgets her birthday. 


And you thought saying “Talaq” thrice was the only way to get rid of a  marriage? Lol.



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