60% Goats Fall Sick in Deonar Abattoir, Mumbai

MUMBAI: Continuous rain, lack of facilities and exertions in transport has resulted in mass sickness among the Goats being brought at Deonar Abatoir for sales on the occasion of Eid all Adha.

A report claimed that nearly 60% of goats brought at Deonar Slaughter House are sick. Till Saturday night, 1,22,000 goats and 5000 buffaloes were brought in the largest market of the city.

Dr. Harsh Wardhan Palwe of veterinary camp organized in the market by Universal Animal Welfare Organization said that 60% animals which are brought from far away areas fell sick during their transport only.

After the tiring and tedious journeys, animals are then kept in open areas and made to stand for hours. Thus, due to this lack of sufficient facilities more such animals fell sick.

He said that due to rain, a lot of sheds in Deonar which are muddy becomes wet and Goats usually do not sit in wet and muddy places, so they are forced to stand continuously for hours. He also said that change in climate is also a reason for goats falling sick.

Initially, traders treat these animals in their own ‘Desi’ style, however when the health of sick animals do not improve, they come to the veterinaries.

Dr. Harsh Wardhan Palwe also said that the traders tell us to temporarily treat the animals just to make them sale-able in the market. But those animals, which did not get full treatment once again fall sick after they reach the places of purchasers.


He said that animals are being treated at the dispensaries formed by BMC which are not free. These dispensaries charge subsidized rates for treatment.

There is an impression among traders and buyers that these animal dispensaries treat the sick animals free. Such misunderstanding is causing daily arguments and even fights.

Many purchasers are avoiding to purchase goats, fearing that animals can fall sick due to heavy rains in the city. It is said that sale will pick up pace during the last couple of days before Eid.



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