6 Health Benefits to Break Ramadan Fast with Dates

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) recommended us to break Ramadan fast with Dates.

different dates

Research studies prove that having Dates to break fast has great benefits for our health and nutrition.

1. Dates are light on stomach and easy to digest, so they don’t exhaust the fasting persons stomach.


2.Dates decreases the hunger feeling of the fasting person so he doesn’t rush into overeating which causes digestion disorders.

Over Eating

3. Dates prepare the stomach to receive food after long fasting hours by releasing digestive secretions and juices.

stomach juices

4. Dates prevent constipation as a result of changing meal times as they are rich in fiber.


5. Dates have a very high sugar, so the body is supplied with the most important nutrients which is sugar to revitalize brain cells and nerves.

brain cells

6. Dates contain eleven minerals and seven vitamins enough to provide body with a complete nutrition package.

Dates in desert

The desert people for thousands of years ate dates with goat or camel milk as a complete sustenance.



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