25Lakh Muslims To Attend Aurangabad Ijtema ?

AURANGABAD: Though responsible organizers of Aurangabad Ijtema  of  Tablighi Jamat  are not divulging any information but the sources among volunteers working day -night at the location  presume that the Aurangabad Ijtema will surpass all previous records in the history of Maharashtra state level Ijtema  .

Many persons are speculating different numbers when asked how many participants will attend this three day Ijtema . Some persons say 15 lakhs  but there  are many who are speculating more .It  is said by some volunteers that more than 25 lakh Muslims may attend the Ijtema this time .

Elaborate arrangements have been made at Limbe Jalgaon Village near Aurangabad for the three day Ijtema which will begin on Saturday February 24 and will culminate on Monday , February 26 .

The sources said that a large number of participants will come by busses and other four wheeler, therefore parking arrangements have been made on a very large scale.

Grand Pandals have been erected and participants will stay in these  Pandals  zone wise  and  district wise  .Management of  three day stay of all participants and has been planned in a very organized manner , it is said .

All the vehicles will be parked in parking places  for three days therefore parking arrangements have also been made zone wise and district wise in a very large parking area .All vehicles will be provided with parking stickers from the point of  beginning of their  travel and no vehicle will be allowed in Parking place without any sticker , it is said .

It is said that there is no need of police security and traffic police to maintain peace and traffic at any Ijtema  as thousands of volunteers will be deployed  to handle traffic also  and Ijtema are always disciplined and peaceful .

But the district police will deploy 3000 police officers and men from the district and additional force of 2000 personal have been requisitioned from other district police forces.

All the necessary permissions have been granted by various government department for the Ijtema in which Muslims from more than 26 districts of Maharashtra will participate .




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