After 25 Years Of Mumbai Riots ,Victims Are Very Disappointed

MUMBAI: Even after 25 years those who survived the worst communal riots of 1992-93 in Mumbai cannot forget those days and nights. But they are very much disappointed on even after 25 years have passed .They see the rioters, killers and looters roam free even today.


Many of the riot victims, who lost their near and dear ones, ran for years to get justice .They wanted that the criminals and goondas who killed their relatives must be punished.

But police was not interested .Thousands of FIRs were lodge as if  some routine work was being done .If police  did not took murder cases of Mumbai communal riots 1992-93 seriously , what one can say about other offences committed during riots ?

More than 2500 FIRs were lodged .More than 25000 accused persons were named .But not a single accused person was sentenced in all these cases .So , the victims of the riots feel that justice has not been done in their cases .

There are many victims who saw their houses and shops looted and burnt by the criminal and communal elements from their own areas .But the police did not act against them despite evidence, complaints and witnesses.

Those were the times when a section of Mumbai police became collaborator with the rioters .Many policemen including high ranking officials colluded with rioters in plunder  , arson and killing of Muslims .

The Sri Krishna Commission report is the documentary evidence of such allegations .It listed 33 Mumbai Police Men including  an  IPS  officer of committing crimes and bringing shame on their uniforms .But political reluctance and pressure from within the police force  got them scot free .

Although recommendations of Sri Krishna Commission report were accepted by the government but these were not implemented.

The police and prosecution showed much zeal in Mumbai serial blast cases and their attitude in riots cases was totally different .This showed bias and communal  behaviour of a section of Mumbai police which is still blot on the otherwise fair name of Mumbai police .




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