NEW DELHI : At a time where the so called Gaw -Rakshak are  creating terror by targeting  and killing innocent persons in the name of carrying beef , the shocking news revealed that 200 cows died due to starvation  in a Gaw- Shala, run by a BJP leader , in Chhattis Garh .

According to reports, 150 cows died within 24 hours , as there was no proper arrangement of food and water for hese cows , in the so called Gaw Shala .

This mass death of cow was reported from Rajiv Nagar village, in Durg district.The village head Sewa Ram Sahu told media that 200 cows died in 3 days as there was not sufficient food stock and medicines.

The district administration admitted the deaths of cows due to negligence and hunger but said that only 28 cows were dead in the said Gaw Shala .


The Gaw Shala is run by BJP leader Harish Verma .He is also vice president of Nagar Nigam.He is running the Gaw Shala for the last 7 years .

Mr. Ram Sahu , the Sarpanch said that some days ago , they noticed a lot of activities in Gaw Shala , as JCB machines were  used for digging .When he reached the spot along with his wife , they saw dead cows littered all over in the Gaw Shala .The workers were digging the ground to bury dead cows , he said .Many cows were already buried , as they reached cow shelter , he added .The veterinary doctors at the site said that  these cows died due to hunger and lack of medicines .

However , the BJP leader refuted allegations of neglect and hunger as the cause of death of those cows .He said that a wall of the Gaw Shala collapsed , due to which some cows died .Deputy director , animal husbandry Mr.M.K.Chawla said that primary report indicated  that these deaths were due to hunger .A case under various sections of IPC was registered against Verma , the owner of Cow Shelter .The BJP leader was then arrested for