According to Indian embassy sources 70 Indian Hajis died of natural death after reaching Makkah and Madinah. Out of them , 11 were travelling with private tour operators , others with HCI.

MAKKAH: The valley of Mina once again saw a huge sea of hajis chanting Labbaik –Allahumma –Labbaik , as 2 million  pilgrims converged here , and rituals of Haj 2017 began .They are spending the night in the tents made for their stay .On Thursday , they will proceed to Arafat , early in the morning .

The 9th Dhul Hijjah , according to Saudi calendar will be on Thursday , which is also known as Yaum e Arafah .

The Hajis will stay there , tomorrow , for the whole day .They will remain there till Namaz e Asr . After offering the Namaz e Asr, they will return, but will stay in Muzdalfa, for the whole night. In Muzdalfah , they will offer Namaz e Maghrib and Isha , together . All hajis will stay in Muzdalfah , tomorrow night , in open , under the sky .

They will leave for Mina  , on Friday morning , to stone the devil , and offer Qurbani or sacrifice. Thus they will be permitted to relieve themselves from Ihram, the whites cloth, they are wearing now .Then , they will go to the Grand Mosque in Makkah to offer Tawaf al – Ifadah .

According to Indian consulate in Jeddah , 1,69,940 Indian Haj pilgrims are performing Hajj .Thesources said that70 Haj pilgrims died of natural death , after arriving in Makkah and Madinah  , in which 11 Hajis were travelling through private haj tour operators , while 59 Haj pilgrims were travelling through Haj Committee of India.

According to  Saudi Arabian sources , 17 , 47 ,000 Hajis flew in from abroad , while more than 2 lakh Saudi citizens are performing Haj this year .The  government has deployed 1 lakh security personnel for safety and security during Haj .

The health ministry has pressed 25 hospitals , 155 medical centers , 100 ambulances to serve the pilgrims .The Red Crescent authorities also provided the facilities of 133 ambulances , which are run by 78 physicians and 2500 technicians , administrative staff members .

The authorities also said that 19500 buses transported pilgrims from Madinah to Makkah , while another 38000 buses transported pilgrims from other  areas .



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