11 Lakh Chechens Protest Against Genocide Of Rohingya Muslims

Chechan leader Ramzan Kadyrov warned Russia that if remained silent over the genocide of Rohingya Muslims , He will go against Moscow .

GROZNY : More than one million ( 11 lakh ) people  expressed anger through a huge demonstration in Grozny , the capital of Chechnya ,Russia  against  violent persecution of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar army .

The Chechen leaders warned Russia to take appropriate action to stop the genocide .They also threatened to send army to defend the un armed Rohingya Muslims, if world failed in ending the genocide.

The city saw a sea of people who had play cards in their hands .They shouted slogans also, demanding immediate end to the killings of innocent Rohingya Muslims .

Some of the banners in the procession said , “ Stop Genocide Of Rohingya Muslims ”, “Stop killing Myanmar Muslims ”, “Stop Genocide in Myanmar”. According to a report by Russian interior ministry, 1.1 million people participate in this mammoth protest. Thousands of the protesters came from neighboring states and regions.

This huge protest began in the morning and concluded in the afternoon , at Grozny’s central Mosque , which is also known as the heart of Chechnya , a report said .The protesters also offered prayers and  Dua for the victims of repression of Myanmar government .

The Chechnya government supported this anti – Myanmar protest .Chechnya leader Ramzan  Kadyrov termed the atrocities    committed against Rohingya Muslims as  genocide . He also criticized Russian government for being silent spectator to the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar.

The Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov threatened the Moocow of serious consequence if it further remained silent .” If Russia were to support devils who are perpetrating crimes, then  I will go against  Russia “, he warned the Moscow in a video released before the protest .

Chechen external affairs minister Mr. Umarov addressed the huge protest .He said that Muslims of Chechnya are ready to defend their brothers in faith with most stringent methods .”We can also decide to send an army to fight on behalf of Rohingya Muslims .Every one of this army would love to die ,” he thundered .The participants of the  rally passed a resolution addressed to the Russian President Putin , which asked the President to use all his powers to stop the Myanmar army’s brutal killings of innocent Rohingya Muslims.Mufti and deputy Mufti of Chechnya led the protest.



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