Clicking selfies is something that started off as a trend and has now ended up gulping the lives of many. The advancement in technology sure has its own set of benefits, but the toll it’s taking on the lives is where the actual problem lies.

Raising awareness does its part, but we think learning and understanding about the incidences from the past is what helps better.

Here’s acknowledging you about how these 10 people tragically lost their lives to clicking selfies

1. Down the stairs at Taj Mahal

Selfie 1

What was supposed to be the perfect vacation selfie ended up as a death certificate written in a foreign language.

Taking selfies while on a vacation might seem to be the best thing ever.  That was not the case for a Japanese tourist traveling through India. He fell off the stairs right in front of the Taj Mahal.

2. The Bull running selfie

Selfie 2

The Running of the Bulls is an enduring Spanish tradition, and no U.N. resolution or E.U. regulation can bring it outside the law.

You either run out the bulls and have stories to tell your children, or you simply die.

Nowadays, since no story is complete without a selfie, 32-year-old David Lopez was foolish enough to leave the protected area and capture on film a fight between two bulls. Sick of running in vain, the animals sought revenge when they saw the man armed only with the latest iPhone in his hands.

3. The “Happy” Car Accident

This generation of technology is such, that no emotion seems real unless it’s captured.

Courtney Stanford died on April 26, 2014, in North Carolina, when her car changed direction across the center of the road and collided with ongoing traffic. The car hit a truck just before going off the road and stopping into a tree.

Apparently, the woman was listening to Pharrell Williams’s ‘Happy,’ and that distracted from driving. Should we point out just why selfies are beyond what is considered safe on public roads?

4. Couples “One Last” selfie

The couple’s vacation wasn’t complete without making their friends and family jealous how exciting their trip was going.

The worst thing about the accident is that it happens right in front of their now orphaned children.

5. How one selfie claimed this Latino singer her life

Jenni Rivera was a legend of Mexican music, and her death shocked everyone. The 43-year-old died in a plane crash together with six other staff members and friends.

The accident took place on December 9, 2012, and remained top news for weeks in a row. The selfie above was taken immediately after the plane take-off, and it is the last photo we have of Rivera.

Though the selfie had nothing to do with the plane crash, there are certain rules you need to follow when you board a plane, number one: switch off your fucking cellphones.

6. When posing with a gun goes wrong

The scenario is simple, and it involves holding the finger on the trigger in a self-menacing way. However, it is easy to forget which button to push. This is exactly what happened with a 43-year-old from Concrete, Washington.

To make matters worse, he was right beside his girlfriend who witnessed the entire scene and, as a bonus, had to repaint the room herself. No pink or red tones for sure.

7. The electric selfie

The chances of capturing a lightning bolt in a selfie are almost zero.

Well, this guy trekking through Brecon Beacons National Park was lucky enough to capture one, but equally unlucky to die right after pressing the click button.

8. When a selfie ruined their first date

Everyone told James Nichols that his visit to South Africa to meet his online girlfriend was a bad idea.

However, no one was able to predict the scale of the disaster. The freshly reunited couple tried to set up an elaborate photo when the 21-year-old girl fell from the cliffs.

Cheyne Holloway was found dead by rescue teams, and after perfoming CPR for about 20 minutes, there was nothing to do but establish the case of death

9. Selfie enthusiast dies in pain

The attempt to take the ‘ultimate’ selfie turned into a tragedy as she accidentally touched a live wire on top of a train. 27,000 volts passing through your body are not exactly a pleasant experience to go through.

For Ana Ursu, an 18-year-old Romanian from Iasi city, that lesson was on how not to forget that trains run on electricity.

10. Death before the wedding

A bachelorette party is one last chance to make the most out out of everything.

That was not the case for bride-to-be Colette Moreno, who died in a car crash on her way to her bachelorette party. This selfie, taken just seconds before the impact, is all we have to tell the story.

Her best friend lost control of the vehicle, thus adding another victim to the list.






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