1.6 Crore Indian Farmers Join “Boycott Israel Movement “

NEW DELHI: The decision of All India Kisan Sabh , a farmer’s  union representing 1.6 Crore Indian farmers to join the “Boycott Israel Movement” in support of Palestine has come as a great shock to Israeli leaders .

It is reported that Israeli PM Netanyahu announced that he will visit New Delhi again in January , and it is presumed that he will talk about the issue of  boycott of Israel called by All India Kisan Sabha , which is supported by Communist parties .

Israel considers BJP’s Modi government as very good friend of Israel .In July , 2107 only , the Indian PM Modi visited Israel and he became the first Indian PM to visit Israel .

Therefore the decision of All India Kisan Sabha to join the international movement to boycott Israel came as a big shock and surprise to Israeli and BJP leaders.


The Indian farmers and Peasants organisation joined the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanction (BDS) Movement against Israel and endorsed its efforts in order to support  the rights of Palestinian people and to resist the Corporate takeover of Indian agriculture sector by Israeli companies .


A  press statement from All Indian Kisan Sabha said that it will work to raise awareness among Indians and Indian farmers to prevent Israel and its corporations from reaping fortunes and profits in India at the cost of Indians .The Sabha said that such profits are used to finance military occupation of Palestine and apartheid in Israel .

The all India Kisan Sabha has also resolved to denounce and document any cases of Israeli corporate takeover in the Indian agro- sector.


The South Asia coordinator with the Palestinian BDS national committee Mr. Apoorva said,”Indian solidarity with Palestinian people is not new .We are glad to see this solidarity re-emerge with All India Kisan sabha’s declaration of support the BDS movement and the Palestinian people.”

The All India Kisan Sabha was formed in 1936 , before India’s  independence from British colonialism .This Kisan Sabha played an important role in mobilisation of farmers   and agriculture workers against British rulers to end British imperialism .



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